carving on the rim

I use Japanese chisels that are very similar to lino cutters to carve the pattern on the rim. I got the tools when I was 9, 10 in a primary school. After xx years they're working the hardest ever!



dessert plate with rim

Making another shape for the commission. The dessert plate with rim.
It's not easy to throw this shape on wobbly bats! 



mould making

While working on a few commissions I'm making some bisquit shapes for glaze tests. This is the stage before pouring plaster to get the negative of the shape.



back in throwing

Working on another commission. Sets of tableware in Furrow in Snow design. I love throwing... such a therapeutic process.
This will be a pasta plate.



slip-cast production batch 1

I worked on the shape of the porcelain cup according to my client's request and am making mass! (for somebody who doesn't try to make the same shape!)
The body colour of the ones on the left should go khaki and the ones on the right white, but at the moment I can't see much difference (After bisque firing).
They will go to a museum cafe in Germany, the details will follow!



slip-cast in porcelain

I have been working on the wheel for a quite while now since my studio mate let me use her wheel. It's a very therapeutic process and I love it! For upcoming shows I will be showing those that I made in dark colour clay. I hope you'll like it!

At the same time I started working back in porcelain for a commission work. These are prototypes made in slip-casting. Slip-casting is a way to repeat the same shape. We pour liquid clay into a plaster mould and let it absorb some water from the clay. When it builds up enough clay on the wall we pour the excess liquid out. This way we get the shape of the mould, hollow inside. It's so refreshing to go back to another process as well!



underglaze colour

Experimented with the underglaze colour I got in Japan. The colour is supposed to be black but looks dark navy which I prefer actually. I might have some of these kinds in the shows.